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Shandong Sinobrom Albemarle Bromine Chemicals Co.,Ltd. was established in December 5, 2008, Since the foundation of our company, our success has been achieved through continuously improvement of our competitiveness, and by working to highest levels of accreditation for quality, providing good services for all our customers. Our bromine compounds and other chemical products have been exported to more than twenty countries and regions such as Europe, America, Japan, South Korea, Singapore,. .. .. >> More

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The Joint Venture enterprise was established in December 5, 2008

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 Hydrobromic acid 48% 58% 62% 

Hydrobromic acid 33% in acetic acid

Sodium Bromide
 Calcium Bromide Potassium Bromide

Ammonium Bromide  

 Zinc Bromide Bromine

Alkyl bromide

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